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  • Raleigh Talus 29 - 2014

    The larger 29-inch wheels on Raleigh's Talus 29 translate to more speed everywhere. You'll climb and descend with ease thanks to its butted-aluminum frame, 100mm of… [more]

  • Raleigh Rep IV - 2014

    Raleigh's Rep IV is perfect for riding around the neighborhood and getting your little guy outdoors. It boasts an easy-pedaling, lightweight aluminum frame, quality… [more]

  • Raleigh Detour 4.5 - Women's - 2014

    Enjoy all your cycling outings more than ever on Raleigh's smooth, responsive Women's Detour 4.5. It features a light aluminum frame with a comfy, upright riding… [more]

  • Raleigh Retroglide - 2014

    Raleigh's Retroglide is a casual cruiser that's sure to take you back to a simpler time. With its classically styled aluminum frame, rust-resistant wheels and one-speed… [more]

  • Raleigh Eva 4.5 - Women's - 2014

    The 27.5-inch wheels on Raleigh's Eva 4.5 translate to a perfect blend of off-road speed and control. You'll climb and descend with ease thanks to its women’s-specific… [more]

  • Raleigh Ivy - 2014

    Raleigh's Ivy makes it easier than ever for your little girl to keep up with you on rides. Its low-profile aluminum frame rides and fits great, while the aluminum wheels… [more]

  • Raleigh Retro 20 - 2014

    Your burgeoning pedaler will love the curvy lines, cool style and the awesome ride of Raleigh's Retro 20. This quality two-wheeler boasts a low-slung steel frame that… [more]

  • Raleigh Alysa 3 - Women's - 2014

    All the go-fast style of a road bike, with a back-friendly, all-day riding position and a women's-specific fit: that's the Raleigh Alysa 3. This fast and efficient… [more]

  • Raleigh Militis 2 - 2014

    Train hard and race even harder aboard Raleigh's racy Militis 2. A light, stiff carbon frame and fork, race-proven geometry, and an aggressive rider posture keep this… [more]

  • Raleigh Port Townsend - 2014

    Raleigh's Port Townsend is all about the journey, so let the miles roll by in style on this retro-inspired steed. Steel has long been revered for its feel, and one trip… [more]

  • Raleigh Mesika 2.0 - Women's - 2014

    Sometimes the road less traveled is the road you're meant to be on. Raleigh's Mesika 2.0 can take you there. Built around a rugged, lightweight aluminum frame and steel… [more]

  • Raleigh Lil' Push - 2014

    Raleigh's Lil' Push is the perfect no-pedal bike for teaching balance and introducing youngsters to the awesome world of bicycling. They push themselves along with their… [more]

  • Raleigh Talus 3.0 - 2014

    Raleigh's Talus 3.0 packs major fun and adventure in an awesome package. Its aluminum frame is strong and light, while the front suspension provides both comfort and… [more]

  • Raleigh Route 4.0 - 2014

    Raleigh's Route 4.0 is your ticket to a comfy, feel-good ride. It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame with a back-friendly, upright position so you can enjoy the view… [more]

  • Raleigh Mesika Trail 1.0 - Women's - 2014

    Whether you're out running errands, or simply seeing what's over the next hill and around the bend, Raleigh's Mesika Trail 1.0 will make every outing an enjoyable one.… [more]

  • Raleigh Rush Hour - 2014

    It's time to redefine "rush hour." The Raleigh Rush Hour's chromoly track frame and chromoly fork are built for the urban environment and offer a smooth ride that makes… [more]

  • Raleigh Capri Carbon 2 - Women's - 2014

    Get ready to explore your world on two wheels with Raleigh's Capri Carbon 2. The women's-specific carbon frame and vibration-damping carbon fork feature a comfortable,… [more]

  • Raleigh Misceo 2.0 - 2014

    Get there faster on Raleigh's Misceo 2.0. This do-it-all bike is made with a light, lively aluminum frame and a chromoly fork for a responsive ride that will leave you… [more]

  • Raleigh Misceo Trail 1.0 - 2014

    A bike that rules rough pavement, bumpy bike paths and gravel roads, Raleigh's Misceo Trail 1.0 welcomes every off-the-beaten-path challenge. Its butted-aluminum frame… [more]

  • Raleigh Retroglide - Women's - 2014

    Raleigh's Women's Retroglide is a classic cruiser that's sure to take you back to a simpler time. With its vintage styled aluminum frame, rust-resistant wheels and… [more]

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